So this is what it’s like

After deleting my old wordpress blog (analogkonsole) a few weeks ago, I feel it’s time to restart. This time, I’ll avoid several mistakes I made. The biggest one was, without a doubt, giving a fuck about the insults political extremists lobbed at me. I’m a conservative, no “nazi”, no “alt-right”, no any other buzzword activists care to invent. I used to offer hundreds of pages of free rpg material, but I’ve deleted it (with the exception of my free games, I still have them) after a bunch of far-left extremists (who had ALL downloaded my rpg stuff, nonetheless) insulted me for condemning violence against human beings, regardless of political affiliation. Apparently, they belonged to the “punching a Nazi is the right thing to do”-bullshit camp. I do not subscribe to that worldview. Violence is violence, period.

And incredibly, my weltanschauung is coloring what I’m writing here.  You won’t read any outright political statements here, at least for the foreseeable future. But we all know our powers of divination are not too good, do we?

So, in closing, expect some ideas about old school roleplaying that might be inspiring. But they could also be really, really boring. You decide 😉

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