Into the Odd: a list of hacks

**UPDATE April 8, 2019**
I started this list back in the days when G+ was hugely active (and still alive)…
When MeWe started getting more members, someone updated it, and now it has grown considerably bigger:


Into the Odd is a gem. It deserves to be hacked, and I mean that in the most positive sense possible. The following list is, to my knowledge, “complete”:

Death is the new Pink:

Doomhammer 1e:

Doomhammer 2e:

Guns of Telluria:

Internment Camp NY-1:

Into Alpha Complex:

Into the Dredd:

Into the Dungeon:

Into the Jungle:

Into the Stars (Star Wars hack):

Into the Void:

Into the Wasteland:

Maze Rats 0.1:



Slick Thames:


Street Fighting Dogs:

The New Economy:


Warphammer 99,000:

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