A few thoughts about vehicle combat in The Black Hack

Found on Superflycircus.com

Or, to be more exact, thoughts on fast-and-loose vehicle combat in The Black Hack. Neither do I want another Car Wars rules set, nor anything near that complexity. We boiled down Chainmail to two pages, and this is the absolute maximum of rules we can bear at the table.

What I’d like to have are rulings that can be changed on the fly, according to the situation the player characters find themselves in.
What do I want to see at the table? I’m building on the vehicle descriptions found in The Rad Hack.
  1. Everyone can drive a vehicle.
  2. Vehicles have hp and armor. They do Ramming Damage, and on-board weapons can be installed, as well. 
  3. Only major maneuvers, stunts or noteworthy activities with a vehicle require a DEX test.
  4. Hard maneuvers require a DEX test with Disadvantage.
  5. Vehicles may be too big, too small or too uncommon for a driver (their background tells us more), so every major maneuver with such a vehicle is rolled for with Disadvantage.
  6. T-Boning lighter vehicles does Ramming Damage.
  7. Head-on collisions add the Ramming Damage of both vehicles — and both vehicles lose that many hit points. You could even double this number to make crashes more serious.
  8. Vehicles on the game board move 1 pen length per round. Take any pen. You could also use a length of cable or rope. Faster vehicles move, let’s say, 1.5 pen lengths. Slower ones only go half a pen length. 
  9. Everything else will be handwaved rigorously.
Found on Deathracers.org
Found on the Twitter account of Trollworkshop

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