minimald6: Anomalies (working title)

This is a new game I’m writing for my minimald6 rpg. It’s inspired (heavily) by Tore Nielsen‘s great Americano Anomalies game and Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan comics.

Take a look at the following characters, created with Anomalies.

  • A pure human, Nomad level 2, low strength, very high dexterity, very fragile, highly intelligent. A brawler on his road hog.
  • A modified human with a useful and harmless modification, Body Mage level 2, physical abilities powered by mojo, highly intelligent. Member of a cannibal family.
  • Insectoid human (grasshopper, clearly visible mandibles, four arms, powerful legs), Thaumaturge level 2, training in magic, combat spell
You need a drink? Take some Old Gut Rot draught. Or if you want to go non-alcoholic (why?), take a swig of Ayatollah Cola. It’s a revolution, you know.

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