Professor MAR Barker’s rpg rules, in full: Perfected

Modify to taste. Introduce hit points, if you want. Play it RAW. But, in a nutshell: This is all you need to play like the founding fathers of our hobby did.
To quote Chirine ba Kal: 

“Doing it by the book” was impossible; the book – and the game rules – hadn’t been written yet. The GMs of the day came up with adventures and worlds that they were set in, and we played our Faferds, Grey Mousers, Conans, and Belits in these new worlds with all the gusto and swashbuckling vigor that we could. It was, as I’ve suggested, ‘lighting in a bottle’. We learned to run our own campaigns by being apprentices, and we in turn had our own students.

I will say this: I made the same experience with this style of play. One of the best rpg campaigns we ever played (it lasted five years) used similar rulings.

The image you’re seeing IS the entirety of the rules. Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Professor MAR Barker’s rpg rules, in full: Perfected

  1. Hello. Can you tell me if the “Perfected” resolution system is the same as your “Landshut Rules”. When we roll dice using the “Perfected” RPG can we add or substract 1,2 or 3 or we just roll dice and read the “raw” results. Thanks for your answer and long live to the FKR and this blog.


    1. Hi Olma! They’re basically the same. Landshut is more extensive. Treat Perfected as you would Landshut: add bonuses if and when your want – or don’t 🙂
      Thank you for reading my blog.


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