Our new Amber campaign: the checklist

This game corresponds/inspired by Zelazny’s elements from:
First Series___Second Series___5 Short Stories___
ADRPG version___Own version___Other___
All Zelazny Writings   ‘Purist’ approach for above source___

In this game, Elders relate to Characters & Their Children:
Distant___Guarded   Neutral___Mixed Reactions   
Determined by Points spent___Dangerous___
Distant Affection___Benevolent___Other___

Attributes are compared by:
Ranks___Points   Equal___Other___
Attributes are ranked at a base:
Human 1.0 Chaos_2_ Amber_4_ Amber Ranked +6
listed in order of opportunity for initiative and Attribute speed

Endurance: regeneration, stamina, and raw power
contests of life and existence by method:

Psyche: arcane senses, mental strength, and intangibles
contests of will and magic by method:

Strength: senses, hand-to-hand, and physical
contests of matter and form by method:
Body Art___Mass___Other___All   

Warfare: planning, artifice interactions, and counters
contests of strategy and manipulation by method:

Stuff: reactions, cues, and drama
contests of destiny and harmony by method:

Powers are compared by:
Ranks___Points    Equal___Psyche___Other___
Partial powers are allowed for:
Base Powers___Advanced Powers___Other___None___All   
Advanced Powers are allowed for:
Base Powers___GM created___Other___None___All   
power, game cost, requirements, availability in game universe

50 note: amber blood, minimum Endurance 0, unique
Broken Pat
25 note: includes 5 pt Bad Stuff, rare

45 note: requires shaping, very rare
Mad Logrus
23 note: not trans-shadow, includes 5 pt Bad Stuff, rare

40 note: rare
Static Trump
20 note: uncommon, common in Chaos

Items & smArtifacts
(varies) note: must include backstory legend, item ranks are used, GM must be consulted, rare 

35 note: minimum Endurance Chaos
Use the rules from the old Trump Call zine 

20 note: SLOW, not trans-shadow, common

Power Words
use Sorcery instead

Other Items
Trump use with Family is?
Dangerous___Guarded   Common___Trivial___
Place Trumps?
Rare   Uncommon___Common___
Normal Trump connection is?
Mental___Visible/Audible   Physical___All____ 

Deadly Force expected most often at level?
Mooks   NPCs___Walk-ons___
Canon Cameos___Elders___PCs___

Axis of Conflict expected to be?
Characters___Enemies    Powers___Puzzles___Crisis___

Pathological methods and means by characters expected?
Villains___Monsters   Characters___

Shocking, offensive narrative expected?
Rare    Uncommon___Common___
Genre    None___

GM’s role planned as?
 Helper Resource___Neutral Narrator___Entertainer___
 Storyteller___Equal Partner    Minimal___

Extra Creations
by the GM for the game

Pre-Gen Characters

Non-canon Elders
none so far

Unusual Powers

(Thank you to Arref Mak for providing this handy checklist)

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