Alternative Combat rules for OSR games and other level-based rpgs

(Taking inspiration from Risus)
Each combatant rolls (Level)d6. Adjucate monsters and npcs: What Level equivalent do they have?
If you’re a fighter, add 3d6. Aggressive monsters do so, as well.
Add 1d6 for any other advantage you have in combat.
Roll your dice against the opponent’s dice. Look for the single highest die. Compare with the opponent. If you’re higher, the opponent loses 1d6. If there’s a draw, look for the next higher die and follow the above steps.
The side with zero dice left is defeated. The winner decides what happens to the loser.
One huge PLUS of these rules is you won’t have to look up anything, and you can combine all dice of all party members and roll them in one huge pile, T&T-style 

Optional Critical Hit rule: Add the highest die and its multiples together and compare to your opponent’s. If your number is at least three times as high, the opponent loses 1d6 dice.

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