From OSR to The Indie Hack: an experiment

I’m writing several games at the moment – which, of course, results in snail-like pace in terms of progression. But that’s how I’m wired, and that’s that.

What I’d like to try today is to convert a character class I wrote for one of my games (Darkworm Colt, an rpg based on Into the Odd) to Slade Stolar’s brilliant “The Indie Hack“. Let’s see how this goes.

First, the character class in its natural format:

Elven Berzerker
Feared in all the lands.
Faithful only to their savage gods.

You get: Elven Darkblade (1d8), Runes of Rage, Talking Skull of your Ancestor
Sample Names: Khorzak, Yonkath, Urhuuz, Gorgo, Rilukk, Bolar

What do you know about yourself?

Rage is the gods‘ gift, so when you fight, there are no survivors. Ever. Make WIL save to stop the slaughter when there are still beings left. Failure doubles the damage you inflict.
Cold smile. Successful WIL test with Advantage to intimidate.
That tattoo on your forehead might be a demon.
Blood is life, so drink it from the skulls of your enemies. Regain d4 hp.
If anyone ever knows your true name, they gain the power to give you one order – once. 
You fight better with blades. Roll with Advantage for damage.

How would this look like in The Indie Hack?

Like so:

The Elven Berzerker 

You are feared in all the lands. The only ones you are faithful to are your savage gods.

Questions (answer 2): What is it your gods demand? What have you done to be feared? Who was the mightiest opponent you have ever sent to the Cold Realm?

Class Attributes: Tough [+1], Precise [0], Clever [-1]

Natural Aptitudes (choose 1): Intimidate, Endurance

Positive Details:
– Master of Blades (you can fight with any kind of blade) 
– Blood Drinker (Spell: drink some of the blood of a slain enemy and remove one hard detail) 
– Rage (Skill: Roll Clever challenge to stop fighting when there are still living beings near you; if you fail this challenge, you have to continue fighting, and you inflict double negative details till there is nobody left) 

 You start with: Elven Darkblade (Lifeless /5), Talking Skull of your Ancestor (Mute /3)

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