…the reason why Into the Odd is still really, really, REALLY hot

A half year ago, I wrote:

Even though Pre-School rpgs are the “ancient form of rpgs”, they require a lot of work and preparation from the referee, as well as a deep knowledge of the setting. Into the Odd takes DMs by the hand and guides them; DMs unfamiliar with the setting can still pull off a great session. If this was a contest, Into the Odd would be the winner.

And while I’m still in cray cray nerd love with “pre-school” rpgs (rpgs that were played before D&D was published), I’m also, not very secretly though, madly in love with Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd. The reason mentioned in above’s blogpost is just one of many; a few days ago, creative Into the Odd author Rattlemayne added another one.

On Discord, he wrote,

And DANG, I have to say: He’s right!

What I find so funny about this is that the “missing” to-hit roll of Into the Odd bothered me from time to time – and now a fellow weapon fighter (I’m a full instructor in a full-contact style that also uses weapons, and my background in my beloved Russian martial art also includes sabres and swords) is rubbing my nose into what I just couldn’t see. An eye-opener, and important for my deeper understanding of the subtleties of Into the Odd.

Bonus: totally unrelated clip of a self-defense teacher.

2 thoughts on “…the reason why Into the Odd is still really, really, REALLY hot

  1. I'm moving to something similar in my games. There are far too many \”nothing happens\” rounds in DnD, especially as the PCs get up in levels and have to take a ridiculous amount of damage before death is a threat. Keep the HP low and the damage high every round! Push the game towards a decision point as soon as possible.


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