Using Risus characters in Bloodstone

This post really is just an exercise in flexing my writing muscle, so feel free to ignore it 🙂

Recently, I posted about playing Warhammer with Risus rules. It works beautifully, it’s quick smooth. It will also change during play because that’s just what happens when I’m refereeing games. With this in mind, let’s try a Risus Warhammer character with Bloodstone.

Durand Sixtus
Human Male, age 30, 6′, 250 lbs, lots of hair, grey eyes, huge
Soldier (4 – skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Battle Tongue, Street Fight)
Tough as nails (3)
Equipment: Battlehammer, knife, chainmail, helmet, 6 Gold Crowns

Please note that the skills mentioned for the Soldier cliché are just there to give the player an idea of what Durand is capable of doing with this cliché.

Now, let’s take a look at the Bloodstone character creation:

Title: Durand Sixtus, human male soldier
Huge, lots of hair, grey eyes
Bio: not yet
Good Stuff: soldier, tough as nails
Equipment: battlehammer, knife, chainmail, helmet, 6 Gold Crowns
Hit Points: N.A. (or, for groups who need them, 5)

As you can see, it’s almost a one-to-one translation. That was to be expected.

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