Walking-around Warhammer

I think it was Jeff Rients who called the set of D&D rules a DM could remember and was actively using at the table, “walking-around D&D”. Walking-around D&D is what’s left after you finish reading the rule book; it’s the core of your personalized D&D.
I am inclined to call my version of Warhammer frp “walking-around Warhammer”, even though that’s not quite correct. I need almost nothing that’s presented in my Warhammer FRP 1e book: careers, age, race, maybe, maybe skills, and info on the world. Everything else, all the rules and tables and stuff, everything else had to go.
In the first edition rulebook, preciously little information is given on the cities of the world, for instance. And Gods of Chaos? Oh my! A half page, and a reference to the “forthcoming Realms of Chaos supplement”.
But in all honesty: When I’m GMing, I might look up the rough description of a city, or general info on a country. Tops. What I need at the table is the executive summary of the Warhammer world, not the Encyclopedia Britannica of Warhammer.
And rules? Ha, RULES?
Well, we’re using Risus to play Warhammer right now. Go figure. And I’m fairly certain that within a few sessions of play, I’ll be switching back to Sword&Backpack because all we need to know is one thing: Is what the character does successful? Everything else is creativity-in-action.
Maybe it’s okay to call it “walking-around Warhammer”, after all.

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