I know, I know… active parry for Into the Odd.

Yep, you can blame me. Or my latest infatuation with the genius OSR system called GLOG and its many variants. Into the Odd still is one of my favorite systems, ever. And I keep tinkering with it because it invites me to do so.

So, active parry for Into the Odd. Anathema for some. Heresy. To me? I don’t care. I’m trying, I’m playing, I’m twisting and its rules, just to see what kind of rainbow will shine out the other end. 
Instead of going to direct damage, use this:
  1. Establish initiative.
  2. Attacker rolls on or under 10+STR mod (=Strength/3 minus 3) to hit with d20
  3. Defender rolls on or under 10+armor*2+DEX mod (=Dexterity/3 minus 3) to defend with d20
  4. Compare successful rolls: higher roll wins (if attacker wins, he rolls damage; if defender wins, he defends successfully)

2 thoughts on “I know, I know… active parry for Into the Odd.

  1. Hey, no worries, we get games to hack them even more than to play them, right!?! 🙂 However, in the spirit of rules hacking, why not preserve a bit more of ItO's speed by combining this approach with fixed, static damage? That way, you still really need one rolling procedure per character's combat sequence. Alternately, what about throwing in a little Tunnels & Trolls inspiration (if I even understand T&T correctly), and using this system as above, but the damage is received by whichever character rolls lower, and = margin of failure? Happy hacking.


  2. I don’t have a problem with active parry. I’d however use Knave as the engine rather than glog as it has simpler arithmetic (at least to my eyes it does). Or I’d just go with something based off Flashing Blades (an old FGU game that is d20, roll under stats for non combat skills). From FB and RQ2 I’ve adapted a simple quality system, where rolling less than or equal to skill is an ordinary hit, LE half skill is a good hit, and LE 1/5 skill is a critical. FB has fixed damage for ordinary hits, and adds d6 to that for good hits and above. The critical allows you to ignore armour OR do max damage or choose the location you’ve hit. Lots of good ideas in FB, and if my ItO experimental campaign works out I’m likely to try a version of it with ItO mechanics and B/X monsters…ItO and (from the little I’ve seen) GLOG are just choc full of good ideas: and examples of how much you *don’t* need to play a good game.


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