My own private FrankenGLOG (or is it GLOGgenstein?)

This is what I wrote on MeWe yesterday:

Just came back from our first GLOG game ever. And FUCK ME, what an awesome game it was! This really is what I have been looking for, for ages and ages! Super quick, super easy to referee, cool and funny classes… Thank y’all for writing all the crazy good material, and thank you, @ArnoldK, for inventing that system. It’ll be my go-to rpg from now on. We had so much fun tonight, we roared with laughter 🙂
Haven’t had so much fun in a long time in an rpg session. Arnold calls it a “swift little engine of joy”, and I agree wholeheartedly. And add the following, “a swift little engine of joy that can handle anything you throw at it”. And no shit, I think I have found my game.

I think I’m in sweet nerdy nerd-love again. The object of my gaming heart’s desire is called GLOG. My, what a wonderful, wondrous, free, humorous, welcoming and light-hearted creature you are!

You tickle my gaming nerves in all the right places: roll-to-hit, HD/hp and stats compatible with the old editions of Ye Olde Game, just the right amount of special abilities (between 4 and 8, tops), and multiclassing is outrageously simple (just pick another class template when you gain a new level, gather the special abilities, done).

There are many different variations of Arnold’s original GLOG out there; I picked a few and created my personal Frankenglog, consisting of:

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