A.I. and OSR: I had a neural network create hex descriptions. This is what happened.

I took a few of Arnold’s hex descriptions of Abasinia:

Slave-trading hub.  Muddy coliseum.

1307 The Burning City
Former capitol of Abasinia.  Was smote by clerics of the Church prior to Abasinia’s conversion.  Now it burns eternally, fire sputtering up through the flagstones, etc.  Full of trapped genies.

1605 West Ascent to White Plateau
Rumors about the White Plateau: The people there are wizards who deal in spiders and rubies.  They hate outsiders.  They will shred your dreams and poison your gold, but they do have the ability to regrow missing limbs.  (This place is sort of based on the Plateau of Leng, but it’s safe to say that because I know next to nothing about the Platea of Leng.)

And then, I asked a neural network to spin that tale further. This is what it came up with, and I must say, I’m impressed:

1592 Bairnhill
The Black Market has been in one place, but the merchants no longer make use of it. The Black Market is a huge chain of shops. You can’t pick where you’re going, not even to avoid any traps around you. You can even sell food that you’ve eaten. There are the usual random choices. 

1722 A Town on the Edge of the World
Named after the gold-filled mountains near the town of Glimador. Rumors of high-end treasure and great gold have begun to spread among the populace.   In response, the nobles of the Silver City have banned all forms of magic, particularly necromancy.   And the gold has vanished into thin air, and the silver still doesn, too. (For now.)

2050 Black Pyramid
A huge pyramid with a white pyramid inside.  The people here are cannibals who eat human skin. They use a sort of necrogish-synthesized-glint magick to heal wounds at the touch of a blade. 

1702 Borne-Havre-St. Denis
“The first city in a large desert region. The largest city is named after the region, just the place. It’s very peaceful but it’s quite an interesting sight in it’s own time. It stands as a symbol for the area around. It is a city from ancient times until the modern day. When things seem really bad, a local magician’s son who was born with magical powers comes to stay at the city.

1745-1765 (Punishing-Trolls-on-Fire) 
A band of trolls (not the Red-beetles I am trying to call them) who, since they are evil, use fire as a weapon of destruction. They live in an unbreakable wall of flames that makes everything inside it unliveable or impossible to reach, so there is not even a bridge and no way to cross it.

One thought on “A.I. and OSR: I had a neural network create hex descriptions. This is what happened.

  1. \”1745-1765\” Holy crap, what a massive wall of fire these trolls are living in for some reason.Here I was using Hex Describe to populate my hexes like a pleb when I should've been coaxing absurdity from neural networks. This is amazing.


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