New GLOG class: Whitehack Strong

Headlopper, by Andrew McLean. One of the best comic books I’ve ever read.

Christian Mehrstam’s Whitehack has some very interesting character classes. They’re more like broad character catagories. One of them is called “The Strong”, and it covers every character who uses strength, power and physical might to get things done.

This is my attempt to GLOGify The Strong.

Class: The Strong

Starting Equipment: leather armor, sword, bow, 20 arrows
Starting Skill: Repair armor, or Patch wounds

You gain +1 Hit Point for each Strong template you possess.
Fighters can use all weapons.

A: Protect, Push, Monster Power
B: Cling, Battle Frenzy
C: Tactics, Encourage
D: Hit and Fire, Opportunity Attack

Protect: Forsake all other actions in a round, and you may protect an adjacent character by attracting all attacks on you. This last till your next turn. Enemy can save vs. this effect.

Push: After a successful attack, push an opponent backwards 10 feet (save negates) and move into their space.

Monster Power: You gain one single power (special attack, trick, substance extracted from their body, supernatural ability) from a killed enemy. You must deliver the killing blow. This power can be exchanged if you kill a new enemy. Use your Monster Power (Level) times per day.

Cling: You can cling onto huge monsters and even climb them (DEX check). When you cling to a monster and attack it, gain +4 to Attack and damage as long as you hang on.

Battle Frenzy: Spend one round of concentration and work up a battle frenzy (+2 Attack and damage, but -3 Defense). When the battle is over, save vs. frenzy or continue your attacks for another round. The one standing closest to you is your target.

Tactics: Bestow +2 Attack and +2 Defense on an ally, once per battle.

Encourage: Encourage all friends who stand close to you (15 feet radius), giving them +1 Defense and +1 Save. Invert this to put fear into your enemies’ hearts.

Hit and Fire: Forsake your move and make a one-handed melee attack AND a one-handed ranged attack in the same round.

Opportunity Attack: Instead of attacking, gain a +2 to Defense in a round. In exchange, you get +4 Attack and damage against one of the enemies you parried. Parry instead of attacking for two consecutive rounds, and you gain +6 Attack and damage. If you take damage in any parrying round, you lose these bonuses.

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