New GLOG class: Whitehack Brave

A week ago, I presented my new GLOG class, the Whitehack Strong. Now’s the time for

The Whitehack Brave 

Starting Equipment: d6 weapon, leather armor
Starting Skill: A Man of Honor, Patience

The Brave can use all weapons.

A: Losing is winning, No!
B: Pack Mule, Helping a Friend
C: Resistance to Curses, All but invisible
D: Divine Grace, Good Enough

Courage trumps both lack of skills and prowess. Brave characters are underdogs and unlikely heroes. 

Losing is winning: Every time a Brave character fails at a roll (attack rolls excluded), he gains a Comeback die (1d6). Add a Comeback Die to any attribute, armor or to use it as damage die when rolling for something else. You can use more than one Comeback Die, but only the highest die counts. If a roll fails despite a Comeback Die, all Comback Dice used for that roll are lost and the roll does not generate a new Comeback Die.

No!: Once per session, the Brave can deny an enemy a successful attack, miracle or fear effect directed at him. 

Pack Mule: The Brave character disregards disadvantage on encumbrance tests.

Helping a friend: The Brave character chooses a party member at the beginning of the session. When he rolls to protect them, the Bravegains one free Comeback Die to his AID.

Resistance to curses: The character rolls with advantage against cursed objects.

All but invisible: At the start of a battle, enemies always choose to attack someone else first — if there is someone else to attack. This feature can be inverted if the player wishes.

Divine Grace: Once per session, the character‘s god will hear his prayer. GM decides in what way this prayer is heard.

Good enough: Any improvised weapon does 1d6 damage.

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