Playing all the games, ancient school style: Cyberpunk 2020

This post copies the structure of my last post – but applies my free kriegspiel, pre-school Landshut rules.
Today, let’s create a Cyberpunk 2020 character that will be played with rules that predate the game with the dragons.

CP2020 characters have Intelligence, Reflexes, Coolness, Technical Ability, Luck, Attractiveness, Movement, Empathy, Body Type.

Let’s say we roll these stats with 3d6:

Intelligence: 8
Reflexes: 15
Coolness: 8
Technical Ability: 12
Attractiveness: 8
Movement: 15
Empathy: 12
Body Type (strength, endurance, constitution): 17

I’m not interested in Luck points, so they’re not available in ma game.

Let’s also say that a stat below 5 is noticeably weak, and a stat beyond 15 is noticeably strong. If a stat is somewhere between 6 and 15, its average and thus: not worth being written down.

Our character then has the following noteworthy stats:
really strong, high endurance and constitution.

Let’s pick a character class first:
CP2020 offers these classes:

  • Solos
  • Netrunners
  • Techies
  • Medias
  • Cops
  • Corporates
  • Fixers
  • Nomads

Our character is not known for his exceptional IQ or coolness, so netrunners, techies, medias, corporates and fixers are right out. Solos, cops and nomads stay. This character is immensely strong and resilient, so I choose a career as solo.

Let’s pick skills next.
I pick all ten skills from the Solo career skills package:

  • Awareness/Notice
  • Handgun
  • Brawling/Martial Arts
  • Melee
  • Weapons Tech
  • Rifle
  • Athletics
  • Submachinegun
  • Stealth
  • Combat Sense

The ruling here is that whenever my character uses one of his skills, I’ll add +1 to the 2d6 roll.

So far, our character looks like this:
really strong, high endurance and constitution.

I pick (2d6 =) 5 gear items from the book.
1. Budget Arms Auto 3 pistol
2. Sternmeyer SMG 21
3. FN-RAL Heavy Assault Rifle
4. Knife
5. Kevlar vest

Now, I lose (1d6=) 2 of them:
the knife , Sternmeyer SMG 21

So this means my character starts with a Budget Arms Auto 3 pistol,  an FN RAL Heavy Assault Rifle, and a kevlar vest.

Next, I’ll pick 2 “Powers”. I decide to get two pieces of cyberware implanted:
1. Kerenzikov Booster Level 3 (I’ll be handwaving Humanity Loss in our games)
2. Smartgun Link

So, in closing, this is how our Arnesonian CP2020 player character looks like:

really strong, high endurance and constitution.

Awareness/Notice, Handgun, Brawling/Martial Arts, Melee, Weapons Tech, Rifle, Athletics, Submachinegun, Stealth, Combat Sense
Budget Arms Auto 3 pistol  
FN RAL Heavy Assault Rifle 
kevlar vest

Kerenzikov Booster Level 3 
Smartgun Link 

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