Apocalypse World, powered by ancient rules

My gaming buddy Wizard Lizard sent me his idea today:

Brainers & Hardholders

Take Apocalypse World’s color, strip out all of the rules. Keep the playbooks as classes, or even pregens with set stats, special abilities (pick a few and keep the rest to unlock through play or XP), use D&D-or-what-not rules as needed That’s a great idea because it reduces the Apocalypse World rulebook to its useful parts and gets rid of the unnecessary esoteric rules language thta plagues pbtA games.

In a way, that’s what Dave Arneson, Gary Gygax, Prof. MAR Barker and all the other early (war)gamers did: use literature as fuel for their imaginary adventures.

Of course, I will hack our Landshut rules to power Apocalypse World. Because nothing says DIY gaming like combining a post-apocalyptic setting with a set of rules that are named after a Lower Bavarian city founded in 1204.

Let’s convert Apocalypse World 2e to Landshut.

PLAYBOOKS/Character classes
Pick one of the many classes available, or roll 1d12 (and reroll if you get a 12) and create the character according to the rules provided in the playbook.

AW uses Cool (coolness, calm, collectedness), Hard (violent, hard-hearted, mean, strong), Hot (sexy, beautiful), sharp (sharp-witted, clever), weird (weirdo, psychic, genius, strange, uncanny), and something called Hx, the history a character has with someone. Each playbook (character class) has its own instructions how to distribute points between these stats; usually, they rank between -1 and +2.

Choose two moves of your playbook. Moves are special skills.

Each playbook comes with its own gear list.

A character without armor can take 3 solid hits before he is dying. Armor adds hits to that number.  Unimportant characters are dead or taken out after one hit.

The ref assesses your character’s overall ability for any task a hand, then he assigns you a die. This die type ranges from d4 up to d20, with a d8 being solidly average, d4 being really unskilled and d20 being really good, an expert.
Then he assesses the difficulty of the situation and assigns it a die, too.
Roll your die vs. the referee’s die. Higher number wins and gets to determine what happens.

Creating a Brainers&Hardholders character
I roll a 7: a Hardholder. Hardholders are “landlords, warlords of their own little strongholds”.
I flip through the book till I find the Hardholder playbook. Then,
I choose a name: Lang.
Looks: a man, wearing casual clothing, stern face, cool eyes, massive body.

Cool 0, Hard+2, Hot+1, Sharp-1, Weird+1.  This translates to:
A violent, good-looking, somewhat dim man with a strange sixth sense.

Leadership, Wealth

1 fuck-off big gun
kevlar vest (armor-1)

His holding “Fortress of Fortitude”:

  • population 200, most of them unwell and filthy
  • hunting, scavening, farming, manufacturing (tools)
  • tall, deep and mighty compound, stone, concrete and iron
  • makeshift and scavenged weapons
  • 4 utility vehicles
  • 4 battle vehicles
  • a band of 60 violent bastards (2 hits, fucking crazy hyenas)

So, this is my Brainers&Hardholders character:

Lang, a Hardholder
man, wearing vintage Adidas tracksuits, stern face, cool eyes, massive body.

A violent, good-looking, somewhat dim man with a strange sixth sense.

Gear: fuck-off big gun, kev vest

Moves: Leadership, Wealth

“Fortress of Fortitude”:
a tall, deep and mighty compound, stone, concrete and iron, population 200, most of my people are unwell and filthy, hunting, scavening, farming, manufacturing (tools), makeshift and scavenged weapons, 4 utility vehicles, 4 battle vehicles, a band of 60 violent bastards (2 hits, fucking crazy hyenas)


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