d10 Reasons why that skinny yogi over there is not afraid of our massively built warrior

…or: Why the OSR Discord is so, so, so good.

I’ve mentioned it several times before, but lest we forget: Discord is one of the best platforms for the exchange of creative ideas. Here’s an invite for the OSR Discord.

The OSR Discord server has a channel called “#dice-democracy”. What you can do there is you ask people to deliver content for a random table.

So I posted the name of my random table there: d10 Reasons why that skinny yogi over there is not afraid of our massively built warrior 

– and this is what the good folks over there brought me:

d10 Reasons Why that skinny yogi over there is not afraid of our massively built warrior

1. He has mastered the technique of hiding blades in his bones. They can be pulled out in an instant, and there are way too many of them.
2. He’s about to eject the warrior’s soul from her body with a single blow
3. Their skin is harder than steel. They cannot be harmed by mundane weapons semiurgeheute um
4. They have faced your warrior in countless past lives, their souls bound by a bloody red thread. They remember all your warrior’s moves from a memory deeper than the mind knows, and this time it will be them who sends your warrior on to their next reincarnation.
5. They’re best friends
6. She isn’t actually there. She’s mastered the art of astral projection, and has been present for every major battle of the war – but her true physical body has never been found.
7. She’s whispering a mantra of invulnerability. So long as she does not move and continues to chant, she is untouchable by magic or steel.
8. Because the warrior is already dead, his fate just hasn’t caught up yet
9. Because his pet owlbear is creeping up behind the warrior
10. She can see into your mind, and the warrior knows it. As soon as they can even think to strike her, an image of their death flashes through their mind.

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