Landshut Rules and MoldHammer: Brothers in gaming

…okay, it doesn’t get any cheesier than that title, I promise.
The reason why I like the MoldHammer rules so much is because they’re so similar to my Landshut rules, and really, there is no way back for me now. Even Into the Odd seems to be fiddly, with all its crazy hit points counting 🙂

So why do I think these games are so similar?

  1. Both use “hits” in the Arnesonian sense: not variable damage, but you simply count the number of times your character gets hit, and after a certain amount of hits (around 3 or 4), your character is either dead or dying.
  2. Both don’t have stats, but you can easily tack them on.
  3. Both can be used as generic rpg systems, even though the MoldHammer rules imply the typical Gygaxian setting. But the rules are modular, so you can simply ignore fantasy-type stuff if you don’t like it.
Are there differences?
  1. Yes. In combat: My Landshut Rules say “roll 2d6 + a bonus determined by the ref” against each other, higher rolls hits. MoldHammer gives each character a to-hit number you have to roll on or under with a d20.
  2. Landshut armor increases the number of hits you can take. MoldHammer armor is a save against armor number.
That’s about it. And that’s reason enough for me to think hard about starting a Landshut/MoldHammer background jam on itch. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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