d66 Landshut Rules mini classes

The kind soul behind the Meidos&Monsters blog has written a pretty interesting d66 table for fantasy classes you can use for the Landshut Rules. To give you a taste of what’s going on there:

1x: Martial Classes

  1. Archer. Your arrows can penetrate targets and find their mark in unlikely circumstances.
  2. Ranger. You can commune with animals and find paths through the wilderness.
2x: Roguish classes 

  1. Locksmith. You can unlock, or lock, doors with ease. 
  2. Burglar. You can get in to places where you think there’s treasure without triggering traps and surprises.
3x: Wizards 

  1. Black Mage. Your magic is destructive and dangerous. 
  2. White Mage. Your magic is near-holy in nature. 
To see the table in all its glory, go there: https://blog.waifu.haus/tables/d66-landshut-classes/

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