Troika! as dice pool system

I simply love tinkering with rule systems. As a result, every now and then, a new ruleset emerges. This is one of them.

I wrote a few Troika! cyberpunk backgrounds yesterday. Then, I thought about Risus. And that led me to ponder the beauty that is the Prince Valiant rpg system. And that resulted in the following system:

You have two stats, Body and Mind. You distribute 7 points between them. Now, choose a Troika! background. When you’re using a Skill, simply add the skill points as d6s to the appropriate stat.

When doing something, roll your dice. Each even result is a success. You have to either beat a certain number of successes (3=moderate, 4=slightly difficult, 5=difficult, etc), or beat the number of successes your opponent rolls. In combat, the difference between the numbers of successes is the number of dice the loser… loses. Weapons and armor simply add more dice to roll.

To illustrate, let’s take the following background:


Those cyberware implants are not harmless- they are killing machines. And you, poor unfortunate, have one of them inside your head. It is diminished, your fleshy body barely able to maintain its most basic functions, but it is there, and you can hear it. It’s supplanted your own Skills with those it desires, seeking a new, more fitting form. Possessions: Laser pistol (1d10 uses per day). Skills: 5 Technology, 1 Laser Pistol Fighting. Special: If you die, the core lives on. It emerges, a metal insect the size of your fist. If placed upon the skull of a helpless or willing humanoid, it burrows in, sealing the entry wound as it goes. They are now your character, losing all Skills but gaining those you had. Stamina, skill and luck values remain as the host.

I distribute 3 points on Body, and 4 points on Mind.
When I hack (using my Technology skill), I roll Mind+Techology = 9d6. If I’m in a cyberfight against another hacker, I roll these 9d6 against his dice.
The laser rifle would add 3d6 to my Body dice.

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