Disappointed: Over the Edge is political propaganda

So I finished reading Over the Edge 3rd edition. While I’m a huge fan of the prior two editions (I have every book and adventure ever published), I’m extraordinarily disappointed with the new book.
To me, it’s disappointing on several levels: 
  1. The player characters only get one main trait and one side trait. In the prior editions, they had more. But OK. Your character MUST be human, which is a ridiculous change and a huge disappointment when you compare it with the old edition where you were allowed to play everything and anything you could imagine and explain.  
  2. Jonathan Tweet constantly, and I mean constantly, pushes his political (left-leaning) agenda on the reader. He mentions Trump. Of course he mentions Trump. Of fucking course he does it. Cheap. And Boring. But, oh, there’s so much more: There’s “genderqueer” and “non-heteronormative” and similar artificial political language all over the place, and to read something like that in a rulebook just makes me go “bleh”. There is so much virtue-signaling going on, it makes it a really hard read.
  3. The setting! What in the holy hell has Tweet done to the setting? The Throckmortons are gone? What. The. Fucking. Fuck. Also, everything now is grimdark. Everything. Grimdark. So edgy. And so unbearably boring. Tweet has turned the weird and wonderful and crazy island of Al Amarja into a police state, for fuck’s sake. This isn’t fun to play, like the old editions were. This is a fucking political statement.
  4. The only good thing about the new edition is the new gaming system. Player-facing (which I normally don’t like), but without hit points, just a three strikes rule (this works for me, even with player-facing rolls).
I’ll keep the system but forget about everything else. 1st and 2nd edition are still the best.

2 thoughts on “Disappointed: Over the Edge is political propaganda

  1. oh, the plight of the white straight reactionary man. your life is filled with such hardship.

    ps: trans people exist, and there is nothing you can do about that. toodles.


    1. Dude. Did you even READ this post? Or is this just the typical knee-jerk reaction of someone who’s feeling triggered or offended? Where on God’s green earth did you read that I claim trans people didn’t exist? WHERE? Oh, and one more thing: It’s telling you don’t even have the balls (hah!) to use your real name. Too-fucking-doodles.


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