Variable damage: an optional rule for Landshut gaming

My Landshut rules are our go-to rules for everything, really. For every setting. For every idea.

One thing that pops up every now and then is the question: Are there rules for variable damage? Or do you guys handwave it?

Truth be told, yes, we handwave this. But there’s also a simple add-on to solve this:

If you hit, determine the damage you inflict:
unarmed – roll  2d4 and pick the lower result.
lightly armed – roll 2d4 and pick the higher result.
heavily armed- roll 2d6 and pick the higher result.
extremely heavily armed – roll 2d8 and pick the higher result.

Fragile characters start out with 4 hits. Resilient characters start with 6 or even more.
Armor absorbs between 1 and 3 damage.

If damage leaves you with below zero hits, roll above average to avoid critical damage. 
If you end up with less than minus 3 hits, you’re dead-dead. 

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