Into the Odd: Corporate Warfare, made easy

Into the Odd is a genius game.
Its rules just invite you to tinker with them.

Today, I’m thinking about Corporate Warfare. Yes, organizations at war. How do you emulate that?
With Into the Odd, of course. Because it’s really that easy.

  1. Turn your corporation into a character: STR becomes FINances, DEX becomes MArket MObility, and CHA becomes CONnections. Roll 3d6 for each stat. Roll 1d6 for Hedge Profit (HP). 
  2. Weapons:
    d4 Ham-handed disinformation campaign
    d6 Usual sting tactics etc
    d8 Data-theft campaign
    d10 Supply-chain attacks
    d12 Concerted Eradication Offense 
  3. Each turn of CorpWar is about 3 months or so.

3 thoughts on “Into the Odd: Corporate Warfare, made easy

  1. This is excellent stuff. Makes me think of Stars Without Number. Perhaps there is room to port over assets that better flesh out the corporations/factions…I've dorked with ItO as cyberpunk too, and your other post about the greatness of ItO's combat in a cyberpunk game has me fired up. Any chance of adding more to that, like writing out starting gear and equipment lists?


  2. Thank you!I've been toying around with my own cyberpunk hack called \”Patchwork Arcology\”. It's not finished yet, and a lot of material is missing, but maybe you can get some inspiration off of it ;)


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