Let’s play Shadowrun 1e – with Landshut Rules

Shadowrun first edition – my love.

That game, like no other game before or after, changed my roleplaying world. When I first read it, back in 1989, I loved everything about it. Everything. Okay, the novelty of the dice pool system quickly wore off and we used our homebrew rules, but the world, the WORLD! I still love it. I really do. And while few of my players have lost their faith in SR1e, I’m not one of them. Shadowrun, to this day, remains my all-time, absolute, undisputed favorite setting.

So, let’s play Shadowrun with my Landshut Rules.

Using the rules for playing a published rpg setting with Landshut means following these steps:

  1. Roll attributes
    I roll 2d6; values of 4 or lower are bad; 10 and above are good.
    SR has six stats. I roll 2d6 for each of them:
    Body (4): fragile; Quickness (7); Strength (8); Charisma (8); Intelligence (5); Willpower (8). The only attribute I write on my index card is Body, or better: “Body: fragile”. All other stats are average and not worth mentioning.
  2. I pick the Archetype now
    hey, Street Shaman sounds about right. Or better, a sickly Street Shaman.
  3. Now, off to the skills
    I pick 5 of them, going through the SR1e skill list.
    Knife Fighting; Conjuring; Sorcery; Street Etiquette; Magical Theory.
  4. Then, I pick 2d6 pieces of regular equipment I roll a 5, so: Knife, Music Playback Unit, Simsense Player, Wrist Phone, Yamaha Rapier (motorbike)
  5. Now, I lose 1d6 of them 
    a 5. So, I start out with no equipment at all. Wow, that’s tough.
  6. Oh yeah, life style
    squatter. No money, no nothing.
  7. I get to pick 2 “Powers”: special equipment, spells, special abilities, connections, special backgrounds etc.
    Of course, I pick two spells:
    Hellblast (yeah, baby) and Heal Moderate Wounds
  8. Since I don’t have any cyberware installed, I still have Essence 6.
  9. Done.
So, ladies and gentlemen:
Steven ‘Glowfinger’ Hatman, Street Shaman
fragile body
Essence: 6
Knife Fighting; Conjuring; Sorcery; Street Etiquette; Magical Theory
Spells: Hellblast, Heal Moderate Wounds

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