Landshut gets played :)

My small Arnesonian-spirited ruleset, The Landshut Rules, is being played – and a few people even write about it. That’s so cool!

Alex Schroeder reports about his new campaign, inspired by Landshut.
Joel Priddy creates 5e characters, but for Landshut.
And the honorable OD&D Discussion forum is talking about them 🙂


One thought on “Landshut gets played :)

  1. About 3 weeks ago I laid my hands on the Epiphany rules from the 90's and I had started working on a blend of Epiphany and PbtA. Which is not a stones throw from Landshut. The look good.I have extended the PbtA 2d6 resolution to a general opposed roll so as to give the GM less rolling and I'm using my variation of the wider Epiphany attribute set with two levels of enhancement. Have fun with Landshut!


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