Thruuk, the Crocodile Warrior

I wrote about the awesomeness that is Moldhammer here and here. Today, just because I feel like it, let me create a Crocodile Warrior.

I reckon he’s strong. I could, of course, roll for the traditional D&D stats, but I feel more old school today. So I’m writing on my index card, ‘Strong”. He also looks kind of agile, so “Agile” is what I’m writing on the card, too.

Level: 0
4 Adventure Points
Name: Thruuk
He starts with ♥♥ (2 hp).
To hit: 10 or lower

Adventure Points:

  • Natural armor: seeing that in the Rules Cyclopedia, a Big Crocodile has the equivalent of platemail armor, this warrior has an 8 (roll equal to or lower to negate damage) (2 pts)
  • Argortr, Cudgel of Crocodile Honor: does ♥♥ damage, and might return to its owner if lost (2 pts)

That’s it. Have fun.

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