Campfire stories

The more 
– I’m tinkering with OSR systems 
– I’m adapting different systems to Arnesonian gaming 
– I’m thinking about what module or sandbox to run next,

… the more I’m picking up and reading (or re-reading, or re-re-reading even) storygames. pbta. Over the Edge 3rd edition. Itras By. Everway.


I know it’s *entirely* possible to run, say, Warhammer or Shadowrun or D&D with them. Because I ran a five-year Shadowrun 1e campaign diceless (meaning randomless) or using the Everway fortune cards.

And then.

And then I’m asking myself, ‘why do you bother with hit points, modifiers, all that mechanical sh…tuff? Why don’ tcha go full frontal freeform again?’

You know, it’s my 36th year of refereeing rpgs. And the majority of those years, we played freeform, diceless, or later, with Everway cards. And now, with ample time on my hands, I’m starting to wonder what happened. What happened?

Time to return to where I came from. It’s time.

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