Regarding: the Landshut Rules

Art: You know who (John Blanche)

So, my Landshut Rules are picking up speed, and I LOVE that.
And you guys are houseruling away, which is also cool.

Personally, I’d keep it very simple: Handwave, and handwave a lot. Not sure how much damage a dragon does? Well, do the player characters know? Of course not. So, feel free to knock the entire party out with a hit. Or, if you’re really mean, hurt them ALL, and hurt them bad. It’s a dragon, after all.

And one dragon is not like the other. To hell with Gygaxian realism, make the world fantastic again!
My recommendation would be to play Landshut as story-oriented as Prof. MAR Barker did back in the days: handwave damage, guesstimate a lot, and stay consistent.

The “hits” in Landshut are only a suggestion. Hey, if someone lands a solid blow with a longsword, and the victim is only wearing clothes and no armor – if it fits, if it’s dramatically appropriate, let him have it.

That might be too loosey-goosey for some of you. I don’t blame. All I’m saying is, this is the way the grognards played before D&D was even born.

Have fun!

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