Sorcerers & Sellswords: Hacking the rules II

My last post hacked the game rules of S&S by introducing two new attributes, and switching the dice system to roll on-or-under.

Now, let’s go one step further and simply drop the stats. Sorcery is gone, and Swords is history, too.

Creating a character now means choosing a Style and a Calling, a Goal and a Name. Don’t pick a skill number. Instead: in a few words, describe your character – history and abilities.

Let’s try this with the character we introduced in the first post:

Galgad O’Karrt, Shrewd Psion.
He’s been through a very rough patch. Lost his belongings in the fire when they started hunting people “not like them”. Hopes his brother is still alive. He managed to survive a few street brawls, but was injured pretty badly each time. His weapon is the mind.

AND NOW use Grant Howitt’s brilliant little system for his Retrograde game.

Situation: Galgad tries to PSI Blast an ignorant town guard. He’s in pain from a deep fall the day before, so the GM says the outcome of the blast is in doubt. I roll 3d6 because he is a Psion, he uses his mind as a weapon. I get a 3, a 4 and a 5. That’s two successes (die result 4+). Galgad succeeds, and I get to dictate what happens.

Cool! That’s even simpler and easier than the original system. I don’t have to compare a stat number or several stats to my roll. I simply roll the dice and hope for at least a 4 on every die. That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Sorcerers & Sellswords: Hacking the rules II

  1. Retrograde is a really nice little game! But, having noticed how it seems better to roll with disadvantage (3d6) than a normal 2d6 roll and finding it a bit strange, I would use the WoD scale to determine outcomes (6- being complete failure, 7-9 a mixed result, 10-11 a solid success and 12 granting extra benefit).


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