Hong Kong action: film titles

In the old HKAT! game you could roll action movie titles with a wonderfully simple generator. Very often I start with the movie title and then use it as a springboard for further adventure ideas.

A special feature of Hong Kong film titles is the translation of the Cantonese original into Mandarin. The Mandarin titles usually have nothing to do with the Cantonese original.

Snake in the Snow (Cold Fingers to Stop a Murderer)
Wuxia: Heroes hunt down notorious assassin who hides in the mountains.

Secret Fist (Garage Blood)
Modern Martial Arts: Ultra-secret agent force used for difficult missions. Secret Ultimate Fights that go to the death, identifying the heroes.

Hong Kong Kung Fu Force (Fool’s Come Running)
Modern Martial Arts: Foolish Kungfu students witness an attack and decide to find the culprit on their own.

Black Evil (Man with Eyes of Fire)
Superhero: Heroes are superheroes and fight against a powerful opponent: Black Evil. Lots of SFX.

Mighty Red Shadow (To Fight for Freedom)
Modern Martial Arts: At the time of the Cultural Revolution, or when China allowed Great Britain to keep Hong Kong for another 99 years. Chinese secret service groups are letting British businessmen  jump over the blade by the dozen in order to have as few “capitalist elements” in HK as possible already now. Heroes fight against injustice. Picturesque clubs, HK in luxury.

Storm Triad Brothers (Cat’s Meow)
Heroic Bloodshed: Siblings, working together in their father’s company. One or more of them slowly slide into the Storm Triad. At some point, a conflict arises in which they have to decide where their loyalty lies: to their own family, or to the Triad.

City’s Revenge (Boots the Largest Size)
Bizarre: Real estate moguls tear down venerable, old buildings everywhere in Hong Kong and plant high-rise buildings. When they start to tear down the old horse race track as well, the heroes appear on the scene. They accidentally uncover a large-scale fraud: The buildings were listed and should not have been demolished. But the construction companies continue. Even the small shop of a relative is to be demolished, the owner was beaten and threatened. Time for the heroes to intervene. They get support from City – the incarnated Hong Kong that doesn’t want to be wounded anymore.

The King, the Monkey & the Cop (Throne War)
Heroic Bloodshed: Young gang leader (Monkey) makes life difficult for a triad boss (King). As revenge he tries to commit horrible crimes against the police and to make them look as if they had committed Monkey. Monkey on the other hand becomes even more insane in his actions against King. The heroes are either police officers or relatives of the victims of the gang war.

Fearless Sword (Screams Banned into Steel)
Wuxia: The heroes are in search of the legendary demon sword Huet Pan Chuen (Blood Source) to destroy it forever. Other groups try to get their hands on it before it comes to that.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong action: film titles

  1. HKAT! was the first title from the first RPG company I co-founded. Nice to know folks still recall it fondly (although I had nothing to do with the first three books for it that we published 😉 ).Allan.


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