Mixed successes in The Landshut Rules

So you’d like to have mixed successes in your Landshut game. I get it. So please let me introduce the Dilemma Die. I’ve been using it for many years, in all kinds of games. The Dilemma Die is also a rule I use in minimald6, my other freeform rpg.

How does it work?
The DD is a d6 with 5 blank faces and 1 face showing a flash symbol. Roll the DD with your other dice. When the flash side comes up, something goes wrong, independently from success or failure.

For instance:
I try to leap across a wide pit. My character is pretty heavy and wearing armor, so the ref says, ‘subtract 2 from your roll, please’. I roll my 2d6 and my DD, and the dice come up as 1,6 and a dilemma. 7 minus 2 is 5, the dilemma stays. Now, the ref rolls his dice, and he rolls a total of 8. What happens? My character does not make it across the chasm, and his backpack opens, with all the contents falling into the bottomless pit.

There you go. pbtA in a nutshell 😉

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