Diceless and randomless cyberpunk – with Amber Diceless RPG

Michael Kucharski, ADRPG page 87

After a loooooong foray into OD&D and some of its precursors, we’ve returned to our roots: diceless roleplaying and freeform gaming. After many, many years, we’re playing diceless again. And it already feels exciting!

We’re playing hard Cyberpunk, with a dash of magic (don’t ask, my players want it). My first reaction was: OK, I’m going to write a few quick rules for that (usually a haphazard job of slapping Theatrix flowcharts and Everway attributes together). But then, my love for Amber kicked in. I thought: Why not use Amber to power our game? And my second thought was: Why not use the rules as written, as much as possible?

My thoughts:

  • Warfare, Strength and Endurance are self-explanatory and stay. Psyche is resilience (OR, if my players insist on playing a dark Shadowrun-type of game, it stays what it is). [Human] level is really, really weak, [Chaos] level is the standard of your faceless mooks, and [Amber] and Ranked levels are professional level attributes.
  • PATTERN are your connections, getting things done, I know a guy who knows a guy, fast travel capacity and resources. For Shadowrun, it’s also your ability to defend against psychic attacks.
  • LOGRUS becomes hacking, data extraction, everything related to the matrix
  • TRUMP is the ability to reach anyone by means of communication. Your buddy is in the middle of the desert, without electronics and no cyberware in his skull? No worries, you satellite tight-beam an information bit directly into his cortex.
  • SORCERY and CONJURATION are self-explanatory.
  • ARTEFACTS will also include cyberware, with the qualities toned down to a gritty level.
  • SHADOWS become residences, apartments, houses.

I think this will work pretty well. 

An example character:


Warfare 10
Strength 5
Endurance: 5
Psyche 5

Pattern 50

Industrial Strength Muscle Implants (9 pts)

  • immense vitality 4 points
  • resistant to normale weapons 1 pt
  • deadly damage 4 pts
  • (I don’t use the Transferal costs)

Tactical Implant (10 pts)

  • Combat Mastery 4 pts
  • resistant to firearms 2 pts
  • speak in tongues + voices 4 pts

Safehouse (6 pts)

  • personal shadow 1 pt
  • guarded 4 pts
  • control of contents 1 pt


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