C-ADRPG: Amber Diceless as rules engine for cyberpunk: version 2

(c) 92 Ken Alves, from Amberzine 2

My last blog post tried to interpret the Amber Diceless rules as written, so they could work as rules for a cyberpunk game. Today’s post is the result of further tests. I think C-ADRPG works smoother now.


  • Warfare, Strength and Endurance are self-explanatory and stay. Psyche is psychic resilience. [Human] level is really, really weak, [Chaos] level is the standard of your faceless mooks, and [Amber] and Ranked levels are professional level attributes.


  • MOVER (Pattern Imprint) [50]: your connections, getting things done, I know a guy who knows a guy, fast travel capacity and resources. 
  • ADVANCED MOVER (Advanced Pattern Imprint) [75]: knowing a few really, really big names in the biz 
  • AUGMENTATION (Logrus Mastery) [45]: your cyberware, bioware, nanoware, you name it. With the full 45-point package, you’re stuffed with ware, and you have to specify what chrome you’re wearing. 
  • FULL AUGMENTATION (Advanced Logrus Mastery) [70]: a full cyborg-body mod, or packed to the eyelids with cyberware.
  • PARTIAL AUGMENTATION (Fixed Logrus Mastery) [25]: like Full Augmentation, but you have way less ware in your body. Tell the GM what you have. Be reasonable.
  • NETRUNNING AUG (Trump Artistry) [40]: your skill, instincts and augmentations that enable you to hack, extract data, and do stuff script kiddies can only dream of. 
  • ADVANCED NETRUNNING (Advanced Trump Artistry) [60]: If you’re chipped to the hilt, stuffed with biosofts and brain-enhancement nanotech so you can be the fastest man in the matrix, I guess that would count as Advanced Trump Artistry.
  • DELIVERY PRIME ACCOUNT (Conjuration) [20]: expedite drone delivery of stuff you order; small items like ammo clips or burners will arrive pretty fast, bigger/heavier stuff requires a heavier and slower drone. Really big and heavy items can take several days or weeks – if they’re available. Your GM knows. Thanks to zircher from therpgsite for this cool idea.
  • ARTEFACTS will be toned down and grittier in scope, no Transfer costs.
  • SHADOWS become residences, apartments, houses.
  • .
  • .
  • Outlier I: Shapeshifting is not used for pure cyberpunk games, but could be extremely useful when playing Shadowrun – it then becomes PHYSICAL ADEPT [35]. The more advanced and powerful version would be ADVANCED PHYSICAL ADEPT (Advanced Shapeshifting) [65].
  • Outlier 2: SORCERY [15] would also be used for Shadowrun games, and not even the name would change. But only when you’re using ADVANCED SORCERY [45], your spells are as quick as you wish they were, and if you want to throw your Hellblasts real good, you better get EXALTED SORCERY [70].
  • Outlier 3: POWER WORDS [10] are exactly that, little, small-scale spells in Shadowrun.

I might also NOT use Partial Augmentation and grant a character one or two enhancements for free.

So there you have it, my C-ADRPG in a nutshell. More to come, for sure.

An example Cyberpunk character:


Warfare 10
Strength 5
Endurance: 5
Psyche 5

FULL AUGMENTATION [70]: full-body kevlar-reinforced plating, titanium brain shielding, industrial-strength muscle grafts, tac-implants, hydraulic legs, titanium-reinforced bone structure.

Safehouse in the abandoned barracks (5 pts)

  • personal shadow 1 pt
  • guarded 4 pts


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