Lazy Tuesday post

I’m in a stream-of-consciousness mood today, so this post here will be pretty unstructured. But still irrelevant, as always.

Cyberpunk thought of the day:

What’s your favorite recurring npc?
We all have one or more npcs that show up in our games, regardless of genre. Or don’t we? Well, I do, and this here is my favorite: The Big Man He actually started out as an absolute rarity: a Shadowrun player character of mine (I usually only referee games, so playing in one is very rare). The Big Man is morbidly obese and, if at all, can move only very slowly and not very far. In SR, he was a whale shaman, that’s the reason why he is constantly drinking cheap beer to keep himself hydrated. One of his abilities is To Become An Immovable Object. He becomes so heavy, you just can’t move him without machinery. He’s extremely short of breath, and his speaking patterns mirror that, “hey there…(huff, puff)… chumski! How’s… (huff, puff)… it goin’?” Ever since that first Shadowrun session, he’s popping up in almost all of my games, fantasy, cyberpunk, scifi, kung fu, you name it 😂

All dressed up and ready to party:

And my new favorite electro artist:

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