Endless facepalmery: When… special people just seem to hate peace

Sorry for venting, folks. But I have to get this off my chest.
You know I used to call my Landshut rules “Arnesonian” because I clearly see them in the tradition of Dave Arneson and the Twin City gamers.
You also know that I don’t want any money for my Landshut game, I offer it online for free.

And still, there are… very… special… people who take offense. Of course, feeling offended is fashionable, but it’s ridiculous nonetheless, at least in this case. So this happened: Someone online asked me, not very politely, if I had evidence that Dave Arneson played “diceless and ruleless”. Funnily enough, that person had read my posts about playing diceless and/or freeform rpgs, and he knew I called my rules “Arnesonian”, and so he concluded that I had claimed Dave Arneson played “diceless and ruleless”. Well. Sometimes it helps to really read what is written, but that is a skill that has to be learned, or applied.

So I replied Dave Arneson, to my knowledge, had played free kriegsspiel, and THAT is diceless – so, yes, Dave Arneson had played diceless games. Again: I hadn’t claimed anything like that, but me calling our way of gaming “Arnesonian” seems to be enough to have triggered him.

When he answered, the kid gloves were off. Now, he wrote, and I’m not quoting here, that he could imagine some people wouldn’t like that and that maybe lawyers would be interested in that, too. And he closed this charming post with the question whom I wanted to convince, others or myself.

That BULLSHIT came out of the blue. And obviously he isn’t aware of the fact that I’m not making any money off the game because it is for free. Plus, someone I call my friend was a long-time player in Dave Arneson’s group, and he wrote me an email, saying my rules were very similar to their way of playing, back in the days. So what gives?

But you know, I’m so fed up with online “discussions” and barely veiled threats and ego-strokings, I just want to live in peace and share my stuff with people.

So I decided to remove “Arnesonian” from the description of my game. At first, I considered calling them “Braunstein”, but I know Major Wesely would not approve. “Braunstein” as a generic term is okay, but as title of a new game? Nope. The solution is the call them either “free kriegsspiel”, freeform or ancient school gaming, or variations thereof.

Well, well, well. Here we go. Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Endless facepalmery: When… special people just seem to hate peace

  1. I call it Primordial Role Playing as it's from the techniques used at the dawn of role playing games. Some people, in their ignorance will argue over anything. Keep up the great work, as always your blog is very enjoyable and full of ideas.


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