Amost diceless gaming

This is the Landshut Rules, redux.

Write down a couple of things that are advantageous for you. Skills. Abilities. Special powers. These things are called Good Things.

Write down a couple of things that are disadvantageous for you. These things are called Bad Things.

Roll dice when the referee tells you so. Most of the times, the ref will simply assess the situation and make a definite ruling. But when the outcome might be catastrophic and/or dramatically interesting, the ref might tell you to roll dice.

What dice? Any. Just roll a die or two or whatever. The ref will tell you a number to roll over or under. Or s/he might roll dice against you. If you beat the number or the ref’s roll, your character’s action is successful.

Hits? Can’t be bothered, really. Just apply what’s common sense in the game world. Three solid hits in the gut with a combat dagger should drop any cyberpunk hero, but might make Conan and his twin brother Konnan just really angry.

Just in case you need it:

Have fun!

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