Oh good Lord, please stop it: Woke D&D

But, but…he has wife and kids at home

The Wizards continue to ruin D&D with wokeness.

Just read this: 

  • orcs and drow are just as morally and culturally complex as other peoples”
  • “In recent reprintings of Tomb of Annihilation and Curse of Strahd, for example, we changed text that was racially insensitive”
  • “Curse of Strahd included a people known as the Vistani and featured the Vistani heroine Ezmerelda. Regrettably, their depiction echoes some stereotypes associated with the Romani people in the real world”
  • “And we will continue to listen to you all”
Okay. So orcs and the spawn of hell are suddenly people, too. You know, so it’s BAD if you kill them and take their stuff, shame on you! I also wonder what the hell they’re talking about, “racially insensitive”? In a fantasy game that takes place on an imaginary world? 

Oh, and now it’s obviously a no-go to take aspects of really existing people and things here on earth and use them in a game of imagination? I know a couple of Romani folks, and they give a flying fuck if anyone uses symbols or “looks” of their culture in a game. In a game!
By de-monstering monsters, everything becomes morally ambiguous, as someone on MeWe mentioned correctly. Everything is potentially “problematic” because they remove the important difference between good and evil. This has been a part of human thinking since the dawn of humankind: There’s good, and there’s evil. And there are heroes, however flawed, fighting against evil. Now, in their fervor to be politically correct and inclusive, Wizards is, basically, disregarding what it means to be human, what it means to play, what it means to be a hero.

They’re turning a fantasy game into politics.

3 thoughts on “Oh good Lord, please stop it: Woke D&D

  1. No. OD&D is a completely apolitical game. It was and still is an ADVENTURE game. Huge difference. Ask the grognards who were there when it all started. ALL of them will tell you it was not about politics.


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