War Bear, freestyle D&D version

Again, Hill Cantons, man!

This time, Chris’s war bear class. Awesome!
I’m rolling the stats, 3d6 in order, and switch them around till I like them, and arrive at this:

STR 14
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10

Saves: roll on or under the most appropriate stat

HD: 1d8+2 = 8

Now, I’m opening my post “Quick rules for playing D&D, any edition” in a new window.

The war bear’s starting abilities:
– no armor other than a helmet, instead they have a base armor class + DEX bonus (DEX/3–3, round down)
– bonus +1 to hit and damage when using polearms
– after 1 day without seeing a polearm, lose 1 hp per day till you get your fix
– unarmed damage: 2 attacks per round with 1d4 damage each

OK, Armor: DEX bonus = 1; base armor class (descending AC) is 6; this translates to 13 (ascending AC), or 3 points above “naked” —> Armor is 3.
To-hit: roll on or under (9+HD) = 10

For everything else, use MoldHammer.

Plus, this house rule to speed up combat, BUT still keep the tension of a good dice duel, is really good: https://blog.thesconesalone.com/2020/03/idea-for-speeding-up-d-combat.html

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