On hiatus for now.

 “No politics” was one of the rules I posted on our inclusive, open-for-everyone Free Kriegsspiel Revolution Discord. And then they came, the politically correct “roleplayers” demanding “tolerance” and “inclusion”. Just take a look at their Discord and you’ll see that they’re liars: they’re the intolerant ones, excluding and kicking people for not thinking or saying things their way, or (as not just in my case) for being conservative.

Oh, well.

I’ve written many roleplaying games. I sold the rights for my first roleplaying game when I was 19 years old, and I got a five-figure Deutsche Mark amount for it. I wrote a few gold sellers on drivethru. And I gave away lots and lots and lots of games and gaming content for free. I still am.

But I think my time here on the blog, and my time on online forums is over. I’m sick and tired of being accused by leftist fucks with miserable lives who just can’t stand the idea of someone leading a normal, average, Joe Sixpack kind of life. 

Those haters have attacked many other conservatives before, painted them into some kind of “right wing roleplayer” corner. They attacked players as old as the hobby, people who I know personally as upright, correct, honest and openhearted and openminded people. 

But the thing is: I have a beautiful family, a good life, people whom I love and who love me back, people I can play games with, and my combatives training (which fulfills me). I don’t need that online forum shit, I just don’t.

So: Darkworm Colt is on hiatus for the foreseeable future now. Goodbye, and thanks for the support.