How don’t I roll?: The heart of FKR

 In my opinion, the Landshut Rules capture my way of refereeing games perfectly: 

Most of the times, I don’t roll dice. Diceless gaming has been around since the beginning of our hobby. Gary Gygax said (purportedly):

I don’t know if that’s true, but after all I heard in my chats with the grognards who played with Gary and the Daves, I feel comfortable he really said this.

Readers ask me if there is a rhyme and reason to this process: When do I roll the dice? When do I determine the outcome without rolling them?

The answer is: No, there is no method I’m following. I roll the dice for and/or against my players when I feel like it. It all depends on the mood at the table: my mood. The players’ mood. There is no method, no single true way. It truly is as wishy-washy as it sounds.

And it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes, I’ll draw tarot cards, or the Everway fortune cards. Sometimes, it’ll be something like “try to hit that die over there with your die to succeed”. Sometimes, it’s play-acting with minis or action figures. It’s all spur-of-the-moment, going with flow.

This, really, is the heart of Free Kriegsspiel Revolution for me: playing like we did as kids, but with a more mature mindset. At least, most of the times 🙂

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