FKR No-Pool Risus (also: One-Die Risus)

It came up today on the FKR server: dice pool systems. I generally have a love-hate relationship with them. They offer advantages (bigger pool = more power; what a immensely visual way to portray your character!), but to me, there’s a huge drawback: counting the dice. Or, worse, adding them, as T&T does, or the d6 gaming engine. Or, sadly, Risus.

BUT the single best way to play Risus (for my group and me) is this little hack:

You get to create your character as per the Risus rules. Multiply the cliché number by two. The result is the type of die you roll against the referee’s die. Whenever you’d lose a cliché die in Risus, you step down the die (so, for instance, a d12 becomes a d10 becomes a d8 becomes a d6 becomes a d4 becomes a d2 becomes zero).

So, a Grim Swordfighter from the Frosten Wastes (4) rolls a d8, while his Angst-ridden Orc Enemy (3) rolls a d6.

Easy-peasy. And works like a charm.

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