FKR: Risus, played with The Landshut Rules.

Now, that’s going to be fun!

I love Risus for more reasons I care to admit, but its game system doesn’t sit right with me. At least, most of the time. So why not FKRify it?

A standard Risus character starts with 10 so-called cliché dice. These dice are distributed among several traits (clichés) the player defines themselves. No cliché starts higher than a 4.

So this is a typical Risus character:

Kenna McKormick

Burned-out Magician (4)
Master of White Crane Kung Fu (3)
Avid vegan chef (2)
Lucky Shots: 5

(Lucky Shots are brownie points you can spend on a 1:1 basis to roll additional dice. 5 Lucky Shots cost 1 ciché die.)

How to roll FKR Risus dice

You don’t have to change anything on the character sheet. Just roll 2d6 or 1d20, according to the Landshut Rules. When a character has an advantage (because of a higher cliché number, for instance), add one or two points or so to the roll. Higher roll wins, as always. You could even add the cliché number to your roll. Do whatever feels best for you and your group.

Hit Points

If you’re into hit points and your character has just lost an opposed roll, simply reduce the cliché your character just used by 1. Zero cliché dice means the character is now at the mercy of their opponent.

And if you don’t like numbers on your sheet

That’s easy, too. 6 is the human maximum in Risus. World champion level. 3 is average. So, using the Kenna McKormick character again:

Kenna McKormick

Burned-out Magician who’s still better than most wannabes
Thinks he’s a Master of White Crane Kung Fu, but really isn’t
Avid vegan chef with, er, room to improve
Lucky Shots: 5

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