Playing the GLOG with The Landshut rules: REDUX

1. Stats
The only exceptional attribute I roll is Intelligence (15). 

2. Template (Classes)
I pick the Wizard template A. Wizards are weakly creatures, so they are not able to take lots of damage.
My abilities are:
Spellcasting: 1 Magic Die, 1 Spell Slot, and I get two spells
I decide to be an Orthodox Wizard. I roll for my spells and start with Levitate and Lock.

3. Race
I’m a Sparrowling.

4. Attack rolls
Opposed 2d6; better fighter might add a bonus. Ref determines.

5. Gear
I pick 2d6 items: 8.
Leather armor
Blank magic book
ink + quill

…and now I lose 1d6 of them: 4
The d8 determines which items must go: donkey, waterskin, blank magic book, ink+quill.

What remains is:

  • Leather armor
  • Sword
  • Dog
  • Dagger

6. Powers
Since the GLOG has a detailed magic system, I decide to not grant any more powers to starting characters.

The final version of my character:

Gerhard, Sparrowling Orthodox Wizard, Level 1
Templates: Wizard A

very intelligent

Magic Dice: 1
Spells: Levitate, Lock

Gear: Leather armor, sword, dog (“Sprite”), dagger

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