Four months later, the FKR…

 … has more than 400 members.

Four months ago, Tanael and I founded the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution “movement” on Discord.

Only four months ago, and new people are joining us daily.

And lots of them have never touched other roleplaying games because those seem so complicated. People are playing games because of the FKR — and that is the greatest gift God could give us.

Thank You.

And thank y’all.

4 thoughts on “Four months later, the FKR…

  1. This is amazing. Although I don't have much time to engage in the conversations on Discord these days, I follow your blog and Tanael's with great interest. I am thrilled about your diceless Cassettepunk campaign. You inspire me to start a diceless Cyberpunk RED game. What I like at the moment is to combine FKR and oracles in group games. You just come up with an opening scene, and let the genre and oracle guide the rest. Cheers.


  2. Karim, brother! So good to hear from you again :)Yah, I think FKR lends itself to starting games right where you are, without huge preparation. A huge plus. Please keep me/us posted about your CP Red FKR game once it starts. All the best!


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