The point of no return…

…in FKR might come earlier than you thought.
Heck, erlier than I thought, anyway. I just tried to get into the groove for some GLOG again. I had simplified attack/defense and exchanged it with opposed 2d6 rolls. Tried to keep hit points and damage rolls.

And it was boring. No, let me rephrase that: mindnumbingly boring. Boring, boring. Boring.

I tried the fistfighter class against an average guy. And I rolled my dice and rolled and rolled. And no, it wasn’t fun. Then I tried Moonhop, probably my most favorite GLOG hack. Same there. It just… doesn’t click any more.

The point of return, I have reached it. Future GLOG hacks will forever be highly inspirational source material for me. But they won’t be games I’d like to play. Same goes for Into the Odd.

What I’ll keep using is Mike’s Death&Dying table because I like it. But other than that, it’s FKR, and FKR only.

In FKR-GLOG, I’d probably use opposed d20 rolls and ‘rolls with advantage’ for combat-oriented classes. So the Fistfighter class I’ll mention in a second would roll 2d20-take-best for attacks.

Lucas’s Fistfighter class, FKR-ified

Class: Fistfighter
Fistfighters start with their fists. 4 hits.

Starting Skill:
1=Scholar (start with quill, notebook, and nice but functional clothing)
2=Street Tough (start with deck of cards, and scrappy clothing)
3=Spirit-Raised (start with very fine alcohol, and threadbare clothing)

A: Fistfighting, Quick Footwork
B: +1 hit
C: Footfighting
D: Grappling

If you have both hands free, your unarmed attacks can disorient your opponent if you roll high. If you only have one hand free (or only your legs), you deal normal damage.

Quick Footwork
You are harder to hit and move quickly as long as you are not wearing any armor.

You can make an additional attack each turn, kicking the opponent.

You may make an attack roll with disadvantage. On a success, you pin the target facedown. At the end of each of their turns they may save to escape your pin.

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