Out now: Bound for Glory

48 pages. A complete adventure game.

This game is based on the fantastic Dungeon World rpg, but instead of complicating the rules, it gets rid of them… and arrives at something we call ‘free kriegsspiel’.

FKR games allow you to play almost instantly. No complex rules, no rulebooks. Yes, this type of roleplaying game requires trust. Trust between the players among themselves, and trust that the referee is there to have a good time with all the other players. But then again, this is the way we played as children, and the way our children are playing now.

Maybe that’s the reason why FKR gaming is so liberating: It’s a journey back to instinctive gaming, and it’s a journey forward into the realms of imagination. ‘Play worlds, not rules’, is our motto, so you won’t find pages upon pages of rules in Bound for Glory. You will find lots of things that inspire you, though.

You can buy it on Itch or on Drivethru.

2 thoughts on “Out now: Bound for Glory

  1. Just purchased thank you! I’ve been roleplaying on and off since 1980 and over the years have seen my hobby change, not always for the better. Vast expensive rulebooks covering absolutely everything which inevitably caused arguments around the table. I must admit I sort of fell out of love for my hobby and lost my enthusiasm. Time is a precious thing and I just don’t have enough to plough through those kind of rulesets, so this has drawn me back to when I first started, when things were fun and quick, where story was king! After researching the subject on the interweb last year I stumbled across your page and have been a fan ever since! It’s rekindle my passion for rpging and what it really means, my mind demon has been reactivated and is in overdrive, as my friends will attest too lol. So my thanks for all your creations and passion in our hobby, and your wonderful site. Long may the fkr revolution continue!


    1. Dear Paul,
      thank you so much! This makes my heart sing 🙂 *That’s* why I’m writing games: to rekindle our passion for roleplaying! Thank you!


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