Krieghammer: FKR Warhammer…

…and it’s so, so good.

Michael Raston has created the perfect FKR hack of Games Workshop’s behemoth: Ref determines success chances, freeform gaming. Read about Michael’s ideas here.

This is the Krieghammer rulebook:

The fun thing is: You can start playing in minutes, and you can create your personal army lists with minimal effort (and maximum fun).

So, without further ado: two army lists we’ll use for our next Acid Death Fantasy session next week.

The Gundabad Sultanate

3 Points: Palace Guards
Good armor, sabers and other long bladed weapons, good melee fighters, strictly loyal to the Sultan

3 Points: Former Gladiators
Hardened veterans in typical gladiator gear, nets, spears, short swords, experts in armed combat, will flee if the odds are against them

3 Points: Armbruster
Experienced and precise Crossbowmen, no armor, no infight or melee experience

4 Points: Coated Men («Plasticmen»)
Living near the Plastic Sea, covered in a layer of hardened plastic that will kill them eventually; dangerous fighters with net and spear or churkas (bladed whips)

0.5 Points: Courtiers of the Sultanate
No armor, daggers or knives, no melee experience whatsoever, cannon-fodder (but don’t tell that to their face)

The Mitsumbahad Emirate

4 Points: Guerilla Droids
Tireless droids with aggressive programming; laserpistols and/or lazguns, steel bodies, specialists for planting explosive traps

1 Point: Soldiers of the Emirate
Light armor (hardened leather, sometimes plate), long bladed weapons, fanatically loyal to the Emir

3 Points: Giant Scorpion
Thick chitinous hide, deadly poison, controlled by a rider that sits atop of them in a steel cage. The scorpion is controlled with an implant that is attuned to its rider; as long as the rider is alive, the scorpion will continue its attacks

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