Vehicle Combat, FKR style

(from Road Warrior, my German-language post-apocalyptic adventure game)

In man-on-vehicle or vehicle-on-vehicle combat, we distinguish between light and heavy weapons.

Light weapons are those that a person can easily wield with one hand: Pistols, submachine guns, light machine guns, oil sprayers, smoke grenades and so on.

Heavy weapons are those that a human can wield with difficulty or not at all using two hands: heavy machine guns, board guns, cannons, minelayers, rocket launchers, and so on.

The distinguishing moment in vehicle combat, in my opinion, is that a single hit — the decisive hit, the kill — decides the battle.

Therefore: the hit matrix for vehicle combat. The top row indicates whether the shooter is firing with a light or heavy weapon. The left column shows the vehicle types. The indicated number is the target number that a shooter must roll on or over with a d20 to make the kill — the hit that wrecks the vehicle… or the pilot.

If the referee wants to make a vehicle particularly robust, he can also increase the number of kills required from 1 to any number.

Characters who can shoot well may roll again if they fail.

If a character has made the kill, he rolls d20 again. On 1-16, it has damaged a part of the vehicle so badly that further travel is no longer possible. On a 17-20, the pilot has been hit.

KILL — which part of the vehicle was hit?

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